Amazona aestiva

The Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot's length is about 14.5 inches. General adult coloration is green, the feathers edged with dusky black, particularly on the neck and back. The forehead and anterior lores is blue, the fore-crown yellow tinged with white. The hind-crown, ear-coverts, anterior of cheeks and throat are yellow. The thighs are green suffused with yellow. The under and upper tail-coverts are yellowish-green, the bend of the wing red, the primary-coverts, dark green tipped with violet-blue, and the primaries, green becoming violet-blue toward the tips. The bill is gray, the iris orange, and the legs gray. Immatures are generally like the adults, but with blue and yellow on the head much reduced. In some birds the head is almost entirely green. The iris is dark brown.