Furcifer pardalis

The panther chameleon is an unusually shaped lizard that can reach a length of 8 inches. Their trunk is excessively flattened from side to side which helps them absorb radiation (sun heat) during the early and late portions of the day but avoid it during the hottest times. The tail is prehensile and when not in use is usually coiled. The feet consist of two opposed sets of fused digits shaped like a V for gripping. Eyes are large, almost entirely covered with skin, with only a small central aperture for viewing. The eyes can move independently of one another so the lizard can look in two directions at once. The tongue can be extended to a length equal to that of the body and ends in a muscular and sticky tip with which to catch prey. The extension process can be accomplished in 1/16 of a second. This is an extremely aggressive and territorial chameleon. When confronted with a rival male, the lizard will swell to an imposing size and angle its body so that the flank faces the enemy. The colors change rapidly to angry reds and yellows. It then opens its mouth to display the contrasting colors of the mucous membranes