Dendrolagus matschiei

The Matschie's tree kangaroo is among the most brilliantly colored marsupials; its back is red or mahogany brown, its face, belly and feet are bright yellow and its tail is mostly yellow. Head and body length is 20.8 to 32.4 inches and the tail is 16.8 to 37.4 inches. Males weigh 14.7 pounds on the average, and females 16.9 pounds. The fur is fairly long. Unlike ground dwelling kangaroos, the fore and hind limbs are of nearly equal proportions. The cushion-like pads on the large feet are covered with roughened skin and some of the nails are curved. These adaptations help it in grasping branches. The long, heavily furred tail acts as a counterbalance. Thick fur on the nape of the neck grows in reverse direction and acts as a watershedding device as the animals sit with their heads lower than their shoulders.