Lepisosteus osseus

They resemble pike, but longnose gars are thin and have a needle-like jaw set. On their skin they have scales resembling enameled armor. Longnose gars are distinguished from other gars in that the jaws are twice as long as the head. The body is greenish with dark gray irregular blotches. The maximum length is about 6 feet, and weight can go up to about 20 lbs. This is an aggressive fish that tends to stalk or ambush relatively smaller fish prey. They are not choosy, and will take whatever comes within reach. They prefer water that is clear, and not turbid. Besides having normal gills, these fish also have a swim bladder used to store oxygen, for use in poorly-oxygenated water. The greatest problem for the gar has been the changes in water flow, the construction of dams, and pollution or turbidity increases.