A. binturong

Binturongs are predatory animals that live in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia. In appearance they look like a type of raccoon or coati and are often considered as smaller relatives ot the bear family. The binturong is also known as the ”bearcat.” In fact, they do not belong to the bear family, they are viverrids (group of animals including civets and genets). Their body size ranges from 2–3 feet with their tail being as long as their body. They weigh between 24–79 pounds with females being heavier than males. The bushy and prehensile tail is thick at the root, gradually tapering, and curls inward at the tip. The muzzle is short and pointed, somewhat turned up at the nose and is covered with bristly hairs, brown at the points.The eyes are large and black. Ears are short rounded, edged with white, and terminating with tufts of black hair. The binturong is long and heavy with short, stout legs. It has a thick coat of coarse black hair. The feet are five-toed with large strong claws, bare soles and the whole length applied to the ground (hind feet longer than the fore ones). Some say they smell like popcorn due to a compound found in their urine that is also what gives popcorn its distinctive smell. Their numbers have declined by about 30% since the 1980s and are assessed as Vulnerable.