Tupaia belangeri

Northern Tree Shrews look remarkably similar to squirrels. They are the only members of their taxonomic order, and are native to Southeast Asia. They have grayish, olive fur, are diurnal and territorial, marking their spots using a scent located in the abdomen and chin. Their snout tends to be elongated. They are moderately sexually dimorphic, with males being slightly larger and having a broader skull than females. Males also have a white ring of hair around the eye, females, do not. The fur color and body shape tends to differ between males and females. They weigh between 50 to 270 grams, head to body length is 12 to 21 cm and a tail length ranges from 14 to 20 cm, which is usually close to the length of their body. Their body temperature ranges from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius which is a much greater difference than most endothermic animals.