Budorcus taxicolor

Head and body length can range from 39 to 93 inches; tail length form 3 to 5 inches; shoulder height from 27 to 55 inches, and weight from 330 to 880 pounds. The horns can be up to 25 inches in length. The fur is shaggy, and the coloration varies from yellowish-white through straw-brown to blackish-brown. There is a dark stripe along the back. The build is heavy and ox-like, and the front limbs are stout. The lateral hooves (dewclaws) are large, the profile convex, and the muzzle is hairy. The horns, carried by both sexes, are fairly massive and transversely ribbed at the bases. They arise near the midline of the head, turn abruptly outward, the sweep backward and upward.