Panthera pardus orientalis

Amur leopards are relatively small in size. Males range from 42-54 inches, with a tail length of 32-35 inches. They weigh between 70-125 pounds. This cat’s coat ranges in color from various shades of yellow to gold and is covered in dark spots and rosettes. The Amur Leopard’s rosettes are widely spaced and are larger than those seen on other leopards. For camouflage in the snow, their coat is paler than other leopard species. The Amur Leopard is adapted to the cool climate by having thick fur which grows up to 3 inches longer in the winter. Their longer legs enhance their ability to walk in deep snow as well as jump up to 10ft. Their tongue has tiny rasp or hooks, called denticles, which are used to scrape the meat off the bones of their prey. The Amur Leopar is considered to be one of the most critically endangered big cats in the world, with less than 100 remaining in the wild.