Morelia spilota

The Carpet Python's length can be up to 13 feet, but averages about 6.5 feet, with females being slightly larger than males. The body is typically some shade of beige or brown. A blackish or gray pattern may consist of blotches, cross-bands, stripes, or indistinct combinations of the three. The common name alludes to the ‘oriental carpet’ effect. Regional color phases exist and may include bright yellow, gold, rust, and clear grays in the pattern. Three subspecies have been recognized. One, Morelia spilotes spilotes, or Diamond Python, is usually olive black above, with cream or yellow spots on many of the individual scales forming an indistinct pattern of diamond shapes. The underside is cream or yellowish, variegated with dark gray. Morelia spilotes variegata has an enormous variety of colors and patterns, the ground color being light to dark brown marked with blackish (sometimes lighter centered) variegations. Morelia imbricata is a large, robust animal with a dark, brownigh general appearance. The underside is cream or yellowish. The upper surface of the head is composed mainly of small, irregular scales rather than the large symmetrical scales typical of most other pythons, and the head itself is more distinct from the neck.