Alopochen aegyptiaca

Adult Egyptian Geese are 24 to 28 inches long and weigh about 4½ pounds. The sexes are similar, the head and neck being a pale gray with the sides and crown a mottled brown. A dark yellowish-red band occurs behind the neck. A chestnut ring runs around the lower neck with a similar patch around the eye and a line from the corner of the eye to the base of the bill. The mantle and upper parts are a reddish-orange with fine black vermiculations (ornamental patterns like worm tracks). The lower breast has a patch of deep chestnut resembling an inverted horseshoe. Dusky brown scapulars have fine whitish speckles. The rump and tail are black-brown. The bill is pink with a black tip and the legs are pink. Immatures are duller than adults and lack chestnut on the face, neck, and breast.