Daubentonia madagascariensis

Aye-ayes have a head and body length of 14 - 17 inches and a long bushy tail measuring 22 - 24 inches. They weigh about 4 pounds. The coat is long and can be either dark brown or black in color, with white guard hairs. The face and throat are pale gray, and facial features include yellow-orange or sandy brown eyes surrounded by dark markings. Aye Ayes have large triangular ears, a short snout, and a pink nose. They have delicate fingers and their long middle finger is used for eating, drinking, and grooming. They use narrow, vertical, horizontal, or oblique branches to support them in locomotion. They are the largest nocturnal primate and use echolocation to find their prey. By tapping their fingers on the wood they locate the hollow chambers where grubs or other larvae