Columba guinea

The Speckled Pigeon is about the size of an ordinary street pigeon, but its longer bill makes it look more slender. The mantle and wing coverts are a dark, pink-reddish purple, and the outer wing coverts are bluish-gray. There are rows of white triangles across the wings. The tail is blackish. There is a broad collar of bifurcated feathers encircling the neck. These feathers are chestnut at the base, and become silvery-green or silvery-pink at the tip. The rest of the plumage is a bluish-gray. There is a bare patch of purple skin around the eye. The feet and legs are salmon colored, and the bill is black with a white base. The juvenile is much duller with ill-defined wing spots, dull unbifurcated neck feathers, and dull grayish feet and orbital skin.