Pteropus rodricensis

The Rodriguez Flying Fox Bat is a medium-sized bat that is about 12 inches long. its coloration is silvery and blackish-brown. There is no tail. The area between the shoulders is often yellow or grayish-yellow. They maintain a body temperature of 33-37 degrees C. They have a very noticeable characteristic odor.

They normally roost in trees by day, and colonies may utilize the same roosting site year after year. During daylight there is much noise and motion in the roosts, and individuals sometimes fly from one place to another. This range is maintained by constant activity.

At dusk they fly to fruit trees to feed. Some drink sea water, apparently to obtain mineral salts lacking in the plant food.

This species is endangered, and its future remains in doubt. They have been seriously affected by the clearing of forests, resulting in easier access by hunters, and loss of buffering protection against cyclonic winds. Captive breeding groups have been established to help preserve the species.