The RainForest

"Opened in 1992, the rainforest celebrates the diversity of animals and plants from the tropics of Africa, Asia, and the Americas. This building, which covers two acres, includes endangered species from threatened habitats. The first level also includes smaller rain forest creatures like striking golden lion tamarins and tiny white-fronted marmosets. Inside are smaller rain forest creatures like Amazon milk tree frogs, giant waxy tree frogs, blue poison dart frogs, tiger rat snakes, green tree pythons, blue Vietnamese beauty snakes, IndoChinese box turtles, spider tortoises, and colonies of straw-colored and Egyptian fruit bats.The RainForest features a Medicine Trail that weaves through the vegetation that grows from floor to ceiling. Numerous rain forest plant species with medicinal applications grow along the trail, such as the Amazon lily and firebush. In addition, there is a tropical rainstorm exhibit that brings wind, thunder, lightning, and rain every 12 minutes. Across from the storm site is a highly endangered gharial -a crocodilian native to India- and a number of Asian river turtles.On the upper level, a replica of a researcher's hut leads guests into an 8,000-square-foot aviary. Scarlet ibis and roseate spoonbills fly through the air, while giant anteaters and capybaras live in adjacent pools. There are also fishing cats, Francois' langurs, Prevost's squirrels, Asian small-clawed otters, an ocelot, and a group of Bornean orangutans. By showcasing the variety of species that live in tropical rain forests, the Zoo hopes to increase public awareness of their importance and the urgent need to protect them."