Wilderness Trek

"Located in the northwest corner of the zoo, Wilderness Trek includes animals adapted to living in colder climates. The area's signature exhibit is Wolf Wilderness, which is home to a pack of Mexican gray wolves, a pair of beavers, a bald eagle, and a variety of aquatic life. Wolf Lodge is located at the heart of the exhibit. In this 19th-century-style log cabin, visitors can see the wolves roam the hillside and watch the beavers swim to their own lodge. They can also look for the exhibit's bald eagle, which often perches in a tree overlooking a pond stocked with native fish.In addition to Wolf Wilderness, Wilderness Trek boasts one of the largest collections of bear species in North America. Five of the world's eight species of bears are on exhibit, including black, grizzly, sloth, sun, and Andean (also called spectacled) bears. Among the bear grottoes are two exhibits of critically endangered Amur tigers, the biggest of the big cats. Wilderness Trek includes other exhibits along its tree-lined paths: a herd of reindeer, a tufted deer, various species of waterfowl, and a pool with harbor seals and California sea lions."