Silkie Bantam Chicken

[Gallus gallus]

Silkie Bantam Chickens are a domestic breed named for their feathers, which are almost silk-like in appearance. The feathers come in a variety of colors, including black, white, blue, buff, brown, and gray. They may be bearded or non-bearded, but all have a crest of feathers on top of their heads. Feathers are present on their legs and feathers continue along the middle toe on each foot. They have short, stout legs ending in 5 toes, with three out front straight and the hind toe double. The Silkie Bantam is the only breed of bantam with black skin. The black skin is considered a delicacy in Asian cultures. Because they are such natural breeders they are also used as surrogates for other fowls. The males weigh about 4 pounds and the females 3 pounds. They are also polydactyly, having an extra toe on each foot.

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Silkie Bantam Chickens probably originated in eastern Asia (China) but now are kept domestically worldwide.


Silkie Bantam Chickens inhabit warm, dry places with low perches and nesting boxes.

Conservation Status
Least Concern
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Silkie Bantam Chickens incubate their eggs for 22 days.


A clutch is 2-3. Laying only about 100 eggs per year,


Silkie Bantam Chickens are known for their gentle, docile nature, and they are dependable egg layers. Some breeders keep silkies to help hatch extra eggs, since they will adopt almost any kind of poultry or game fowl.


Silkies lay medium-sized eggs, ranging in color from white to light brown. Males help raise the chicks.

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