White-fronted Marmoset

[Callithrix geoffroyi]

White-fronted marmosets are small primates measuring about 200 mm in length. Females usually weigh about 190 grams, and males weigh about 230 to 350 grams. Their bodies are blackish brown and their tails are ringed with grey and black bands. Adults have a white face and throat. Juveniles do not have white markings until they are about five months old.

Location: The RainForest Atrium



The white-fronted marmoset's range is south eastern Brazil.


White-fronted marmosets inhabit secondary lowlands, sub-montane forest, evergreen and semi deciduous forest.


Gestation lasts between 140 to 148 days.


Litters range from 1 to 3 young.


White-fronted marmosets are diurnal, so they are out during the day. They live in groups of 4- 6 individuals. During the wet season, most of their time is spent resting. During the dry season most of their time is spent foraging.


In white-fronted marmosets there is typically a dominant male and female in the group who will form a monogamous bond with each other. Only they will breed. They have 1-3 offspring at a time. Offspring reach reproductive maturity at 15-18 months old. They can breed year round. Litters can be produced approximately every six months.

Wild Diet

Fruits, insects, plant gums, flowers, nectar, frogs, snails, and spiders

Zoo Diet

Primate Biscuits, banana, grapes, yam, mealworms, and gum arabic



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