Lesson Plans & Resources 7-8

Grades 6-8

The Zoo offers educational resources to help support conservation learning. Lesson plans and activities for grades 7-8 are shared below.

Collaborative Inquiry Resources
Teacher guide
Data sheet
To learn more about our Collaborative Inquiry opportunities visit our website here.

Supplemental Activities
Collected elephant behavior data: compare your observations from Connections to Africa with data from other students.
Biomimicry Monkey Design Challenge
Genetics and Heredity
Elephant Conservation: Arts Integration
Genetic Variation and Observation
Observing Animal Behavior
Visit futureforwildlife.org for more information about how you can help protect wild life in wild places.

Career Day
Career Day offers Grades 7-8 the opportunity to explore the professional fields of animal care, veterinary medicine, education and more. Check out our Career Day opportunities here.

Supplemental Resources
Design a Zoo Sign
Nature Inspired Design Challenge
The Training Game