Slow Loris

Hailing from Southeast Asia, the slow loris is one of the rarest primates on earth. The illegal wildlife trade has decreased slow lorises’ numbers to a dangerous low. With its big, brown eyes, small size and soft fur, the slow loris has become a popular, exotic pet, featured several viral, online videos being tickled (this is actually torture for the loris, which is demonstrating a sign of extreme distress in these videos). The demand for slow lorises has encouraged poachers to illegally trap and sell the primates, often clipping their teeth for humans’ safety and killing the slow lorises in the process. Thousands of slow lorises are poached each year for use in traditional medicine as well: their body parts and tonics are believed to help treat leprosy, heal childbirth wounds, cast curses and make love potions in countries such as Cambodia and Sri Lanka. The slow loris is one of several species threatened by the illegal wildlife trade, alongside elephants, tigers and rhinos.

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