Waterfowl Lake

"Located in the heart of the zoo, Waterfowl Lake offers landscaped paths where visitors can see native Waterfowl, Chilean flamingos, and a nesting pair of trumpeter swans. In the summer, families of lemurs and gibbons vacation on the lake's islands. Nearby, outdoor flight cages are home to Andean condors, one of the planet's largest flying birds, and a pair of Stellar's sea eagles, the world's biggest eagle. And Free Flight Falls, located not far from the lake, offers viewing of local birds and butterflies against a beautiful waterfall.Wade Hall, one of the oldest zoo buildings in North America, dots the shore of Waterfowl Lake. Built as a deer barn in 1884 at Cleveland's Wade Park - now University Circle - it was moved to its current location in the early 1970s. Today, Wade Hall is home to a seasonal, Victorian-themed ice cream parlor.