Virtual Classroom

Check out our Virtual Classroom with lesson plans you can do at home, on your own. You can access videos for each lesson on our Virtual Classroom video page. And check out upcoming Facebook Live videos on our Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Facebook Page.

Elephant Bath
Lesson: Create a Comic Book
Video: Elephant Bath

Animal Behavior
Lesson: Animal Behavior Ethogram Activity
Video: Grizzly Bear Video

Endocrine Lab
Lesson: Endocrine Lab Tour

Introduction to Alpaca
Lesson: Alpaca and People
Video: Alpaca Introduction

Bugs: Food Webs
Lesson: Food Chain Challenge
Lesson: Being Part of a Food Chain
Video: All About Bugs

Future For Wildlife Animal Biofact Quiz
Lesson: Snapshot Ruaha Citizen Scientist
Video: Quiz Show Video

The Training Game
Lesson: The Training Game Activity
Video: All About Animal Training

Animal Enrichment: Primates
Lesson: Animal Enrichment Activity
Video: Gorilla Enrichment

Animal Classifications
Lesson: Animal Classification
Video: Discover Australia

Adaptations: Snow Leopards
Lesson: Adaptations Tail Trivia
Lesson: Tail Trivia Clues
Video: Snow Leopard in Habitat 1
Video: Snow Leopard in Habitat 2

What is a Matschie's Tree Kangaroo?
Lesson: The Importance of Trees
Video: Matschie's Tree Kangaroo

African Carnivores
Lesson Plan: Cheetah Survival Game
Game Chart: Cheetah Survival Game Chart
Game Cards: Cheetah Survival Game Cards
Game Cards: Cheetah Survival Scenario Cards
Video: Fennec Fox

Sloth Bears
Lesson: Sloth Bear Facts
Video: Sloth Bears Explore

When to Feed a Cheetah
Lesson: Cheetah Feeding

Francois Langur Behavior Study
Lesson: Genetic Variation and Observation of Langurs
Video: Francois Langur Q & A


Keystone Species
Lesson: What is a Keystone Species

Giraffe Basics
Lesson: Giraffe Base-ICS Activity

Exhibit Design-Rhinos
Lesson: Exhibit Design Basics

Andean Bear Conservation
Lesson: Conservation Messages through Art and Media

All About Naked Molerats
Lesson: Act like an Ectotherm