Australian Adventure

"Australian Adventure is an eight-acre interactive children's area built to resemble a 19th-century Australian farm or station. The adventure begins in Koala Junction, where koalas and tree kangaroos live in a freestanding building called Gumleaf Hideout. Across from Gumleaf Hideout is Lorikeet Lane, a walk-in aviary home for three species of small, colorful birds called lorikeets. Guests may purchase cups of nectar and feed the birds by hand. From Koala Junction, they can also hop onto Boomerang Railway, an 1863 replica locomotive built at one-third scale that goes on a half-mile journey around Australian Adventure.Nearby is Wallaby Walkabout, where kangaroos, wallabies, and wallaroos roam near a walking path. The Walkabout ends at the Reinberger Family Homestead, a Victorian style house with interactive exhibits, including an animatronic koala and kookaburra.The final section of Australian Adventure is Kookaburra Station. This area, which depicts life on a working Australian sheep ranch, features a barn and contact yard filled with domestic sheep, goats, and donkeys. Next to the barn is a paddock where dromedary camel rides are offered each summer. The centerpiece of Kookaburra Station is a 55-foot-tall Yagga tree. This simulated Australian baobab includes a suspended bridge as well as a tree house where guests can see a number of small animal exhibits. At the top of the Yagga tree is a snake-themed slide; at the bottom is an animatronic crocodile known as Woolly Bill."