Lady Ross's Turaco

[Musophaga rossae]

Lady Ross's Turaco is a Pigeon-like bird about 20 inches long whose body is blackish and wings and tail more dark violet. The bird has a glassy overall appearance. Outstanding characteristics are a crimson head crest, a brilliant yellow face and bill, and crimson flight feathers.

Location: Animal Not Currently At Zoo



The range of Lady Ross's Turaco is Central Africa (Angola, Zambia, Kenya, Cameroons, Central Africa Republic, etc.).


Lady Ross's inhabit evergreen forest canopy

Conservation Status
Least Concern
Primary Threats


Incubation 24-26 days


Clutch size: 1-2 eggs


Lady Ross's Turaco's tend to be in pairs or small flocks. Tends to be sedentary, cannot fly very well. Spends its time running around trees inconspicuously and silently. The only time they seem to be around is their hoarse “caw” cry.


Both sexes of Lady Ross's Turacos build a nest of twigs in trees at least 8 or more feet above the ground. The breeding season varies by country, but tends to be fall. The chicks grow fast and by 30 days leave the nest trees supervised by their parents.

Wild Diet

Fruit, berries, shoots, occasional termites and snails

Zoo Diet

Fruit mixture




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