Nigerian Dwarf Goat

[Capra hircus]

Nigerian Dwarf Goats weigh about 75 pounds, with males about 19-24" tall and females 17-23" tall. The parts of the body of the Nigerian Dwarf Goat are in balanced proportion. The nose is straight. The ears are upright. The coat is soft with short to medium hair. Any color or combination is acceptable, though silver agouti (roan) is considered a moderate fault. The main colors are black, chocolate and gold. Random white markings are common, as are spots and other color combinations such as red, white, gold and black. Median life expectancy ranges from 8-12 years.

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The range of the Nigerian Dwarf Goat is west Africa.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats need clean, dry shelters. They should have shade in the summer and protection from the winter winds. They also need an exercise yard, and they are mountain animals and enjoy obstacles on which to climb.

Conservation Status

Primary Threats


Five months


Nigerian Dwarf Goats usually have three to four kids.


The Nigerian Dwarf Goats are gentle and easily trainable. Their small size also makes them excellent “visitor” animals for nursing homes and hospitals.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats breed easily. Many breeders breed their does three times in two years. They reach sexual maturity at a young age. Males have been known to breed and be fertile as young as 7 weeks of age. Does can be bred at 7 to 8 months of age if they have reached a good size.

Wild Diet

Herbivore. Must be fed goat feed or dairy ration. They need lots of fresh water to keep them healthy. In the winter they should drink warm water, and in the summer you should keep cool clean water outside all day and it should be changed periodically.

Zoo Diet



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