Python, Ball

[Python regius]

Ball pythons are a nonvenomous constrictor. They are the smallest of the African pythons, popular in the pet trade and have a docile temperament. The males can be up to six feet with the females being slightly larger. They are stocky and have smooth scales.The color pattern is typically black or dark brown with lighter side and dorsal blotches. The belly is white or cream and may include scattered black markings.

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Sub-Saharan Africa
Prefer grasslands, savannas, and sparsely wooded areas.
Conservation Status

Primary Threats

55 – 60 days
3-11 large, leathery eggs
Terrestrial species known for its defense strategy that involves coiling into a tight ball with head and neck tucked into the middle. Wild-caught specimens have greater difficulty adapting to a captive environment, which can result in refusal to feed, and they generally carry internal or external parasites.
Sexual maturity is reached at 11-18 months for males, and 20-36 months for females. Parental care of the eggs ends once they hatch, and the female leaves the offspring to fend for themselves.
Wild Diet
Wild diet consists mostly of small mammals, such as African soft-furred rats, shrews, gerbils and striped mice and birds.
Zoo Diet



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