Magpie Red Billed Blue

[Urocissa erythrorhyncha]

The head, neck, and breast are black with bluish spotting on the crown. The shoulders and rump are a duller blue and the underparts are grayish cream. The long tail is a brighter blue with a broad white tip. The bill is a bright orange-red as are the legs and feet and a ring around the eye. It weighs about 7-8 ounces.

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It lives in the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent, and further eastward. Range covers from the Western Himalayas eastward to Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.
They live in the evergreen forest and scrub in predominantly hilly or mountainous country.
Conservation Status

Primary Threats

Chicks hatch in about 21-22 days and fledge after 27 days.
Usually three to five eggs.
The vocal mimicry is very apparent in this species and its calls are varied, but the most usual are a grating rattle and a high pitched whistle a little like a flute.
Breeding season is from April to June. The birds are monogamous and territorial. The males make courtship displays and short buoyant flights. Nesting takes place in forks of trees, bushes, and hedgerows.
Wild Diet
Food is sought both in trees and on the ground. The magpie takes a wide range of food, such as invertebrates, other small animals, and fruit and some seeds. It will rob nests of eggs and also the chicks.
Zoo Diet




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