Monkey, Bolivian Gray Titi

[Callicebus Donacophilus]

Bolivian Titis are small averaging 12.6 inches long with males weighing 2 lbs 3oz and females weighing 2 lbs. The chest and belly are completely orange to brown-orange while the dorsal side and extremities range from grey to orange in color. They have long tails that may include black or grey coloring and they have white tufts on their ears.

Location: Primate & Cat


Found in Eastern Bolivia in the upper basins of the Mamore River and the Rio Grande.
Inhabit riparian zones and gallery forests near swampy grasslands and other open areas.
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Primary Threats
Average gestation period is 18 weeks. Female reproduction maturity is 4 years.
They are monogamous. A strong bond is formed between male and female partners and they generally mate for life. In captivity they breed throughout the year. In the wild, a breeding season is predicted in the spring following the rainy season in Bolivia. The male plays a dominant role in the care of their young. The females nurse the offspring; the males are the principal carriers and protectors of their young. They may live in family groups of 2 to 7 members and the males do exhibit some degree of leadership. The adult pair remain close to each other throughout life and do not spend a great amount of time physically apart. Their life span in captivity averages 25 years. They perform a bout of vocalization at the outer boundary of the small range to reinforce their boundaries; this generally occurs in the morning soon after awakening.
In captivity they breed throughout the year, in the wild breeding occurs in the spring after the rainy season.
Wild Diet
Their diet consists of over 70% fruit. They also eat leaves, seeds and insects.
Zoo Diet