The Wonderful World of Wolves

Students will develop an awareness of what is myth and what is reality when discussing wolves by using critical thinking skills to interpret literature and factual information.

State Standards include-

Grades K-2

Life Science: Physical and Behavioral Traits of Living Things: Living thins have physical traits and behaviors, which influence their survival

Life Science: Basic Needs of Living Things: Living things have basic needs, which are met by obtaining materials from the physical environment; and Living things survive only in environments that meet their needs

National Standards include-

Grades K-4

Science as Inquiry: Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry; and Understandings about scientific inquiry

Life Science: Characteristics of organisms; Life cycles of organisms; and Organisms and environment

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Personal health; Characteristics and changes in populations; Types of resources; Changes in environments; and Science and technology in local challenges

History and Nature of Science: Science as a humas endeavor

Grade Level(s):