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Zoo Volunteers Cleveland Metroparks Volunteers
Adult Overnights Conservation Education

Rising Waters Adult Overnight is the perfect setting for a one-of-kind corporate retreat, reunion, birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party. Your Zoo night includes dinner, a cash bar, animal encounters, a hike and a behind the scenes tour the next morning.

To register, click here: Adult Overnight Registration

Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) Conservation Education

The Zoo and Project Dragonfly at Miami University are partners in offering an exciting Master's degree program to the Cleveland area. The Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) is an inquiry-driven learning experience allowing participants to take classes in-person from faculty at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and online from Miami University faculty.AIP Master's students use inquiry not only as a tool for integrated learning, but as a powerful agent for social change, public engagement, and ecological stewardship.

Enrollment is open to applicants with a Bachelor's degree, regardless of academic major. Designed for K-12 teachers and a broad range of environmental and education professionals, the AIP can be completed part-time while working.

For more information or to enroll in the program, click here: Advanced Inquiry Program.

Career Day Conservation Education

Do your high school students dream of working at a zoo one day? They can explore a variety of zoo career opportunities - from animal care to education to veterinary medicine - on this guided experience. Students have educational opportunities with Get Close animals, behind-the-scenes tours, and access to a variety of Zoo staff.

For more information, or to register for the program click here: Career Day

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Collaborative Inquiry Project Conservation Education

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Collaborative Inquiry Project allows students to explore various areas of the Zoo — focusing on observation and genetics in a Zoo environment. The Zoo will provide scientific tools that you and your students can use while exploring the grounds. This inquiry-driven, self-guided program will help your students build their observational skills while learning about the importance of basic genetics concepts in a Zoo environment.

Teacher Workshops are available for specific programs. Dates will be updated as more workshops become available.

Classroom inquiry kits containing lesson plans and hands-on materials for use in your classroom are available for check-out to you two weeks prior to your scheduled field trip. Kits must be reserved ahead of time by calling 216-635-3391. Click to see materials list.

If you have already visited the Zoo and completed the program, you can compare your results to our Collected Elephant Observation Data (xls file)

Connections to Africa Conservation Education

Explore African Elephant Crossing with your students to learn how living things, including people, share the environment.

This inquiry-driven, self-guided program helps your students build a connection to African animals - how they live and what they need to survive.

Pre-and post-trip activities are included in the teacher kits, available for check-out at the Zoo's library. Free teacher workshops are also available.

For more information or to register for this program, click here: Connections to Africa.

Distance Learning Conservation Education

Videoconferencing connects Zoo staff directly to your class for an unforgettable one-on-one experience. Select from a variety of age-appropriate topics including tropical rain forests, polar bear conservation, and animal enrichment.

All programs are aligned with both national and Ohio science standards.

For more information or to register for a distance learning program, click here: Distance Learning.

Family Discoveries Conservation Education

Bring the entire family to the Zoo and learn about your favorite animal or exhibit. Hands-on activities and guided tours will be a part of your family discovery. Of course no program would be complete without an animal encounter and behind-the-scenes tour.

Programs are 90 minutes long and take place on Zoo grounds, so dress for the weather!

For more information or to register for a family discoveries program, click here: Family Discoveries.

Giraffe Feeding Conservation Education
Homeschool Conservation Education

These monthly programs designed especially for homeschool students are guaranteed to be fun, interactive, and educational. Topics vary by month, with fall programming focusing on animal adaptations and explorations of different animal classifications. K-4 programming is an activity-packed 45 minutes, while grades 5-8 spend 90 minutes exploring topics in more depth.

For more information or to register for a homeschool program, click here: Homeschool Program.

Keeper for a Day Conservation Education

Are you a middle school, high school or college student thinking about a career with animals? Are you a working adult wondering what it would be like to have a career with animals? If so, the Keeper for a Day program at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is for you. Similar to a job shadowing program, participants will spend the day with animal professionals in the Zoo's Conservation Education Division for a one-of-a-kind experience.

For more information or to register for the Keeper for a Day Program, click here: Keeper for a Day

Kindergarten - Integrated Science and Literacy Conservation Education

This is a self guided Kindergarten program designed to take students on a fun learning adventure throughout the Zoo that reinforces learning though the integration of science and literacy. It is aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards for Science and English Language Arts.

Night Tracks Conservation Education

Taking place in the Northern Trek area of the Zoo, students become scientists for the night. The program teaches how researchers use current technology to collect data on wildlife and habitats, and gives students hands-on opportunities to use compasses, maps, radio telemetry equipment, and night-vision binoculars.

For more information or to register for the Night Tracks program, click here: Night Tracks.

Nurture the Wonder: Workshops for Early Childhood Educators Conservation Education

Join the Zoo for a series of preschool workshop modules, designed to teach early childhood educators how to effectively and comfortably teach age-appropriate science lessons to young students. After completion of the workshop, practice what was learned by bringing students to the Zoo for a field experience. Thanks to a grant from PNC, those who work with underserved audiences are eligible to participate at no cost.

Outback After Dark Conservation Education

Taking place in Australian Adventure, students explore Australia's animals and culture. The program explores the impacts of animals introduced to Australia on native wildlife and habitats, and includes elements of Aboriginal culture, including the opportunity to play a didgeridoo. At night, students explore the night sky to compare what might be seen in the northern versus the southern hemisphere.

For more information or to register for an Outback After Dark program, click here: Outback After Dark.

Penguin Shores Conservation Education

Penguins will be on exhibit at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo this spring for the first time since 2002. Penguin Shores, a seasonal traveling penguin exhibit, will open at the Zoo on April 3, 2015.

The penguin exhibit, designed by Illinois-based Animal Interaction Design Group, in partnership with Cleveland Metroparks Exhibits team, is slated to run through mid-September. The special exhibit houses six African black-footed penguins and will be free with regular Zoo admission. It features naturalistic rock work with nest boxes, ledges and irregular surfaces, and a pool for swimming. Guests will be able to learn about penguins in the wild and conservation efforts under way to help them.

African black-footed penguins are native to the rocky coastline and islands of South Africa. They are well-adapted to swimming and fishing in the cold water off the South African coast. They eat anchovies, sardines and other small fish species. They are classified as “endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, mainly due to the commercial overfishing of their primary prey species, and environmental damage from the oil industry.

Preschool Safari Conservation Education

Your little Zoo enthusiasts are sure to love these fun-filled programs designed for families with children under the age of 5. Explore different areas of the Zoo with one of our Safari Leaders and be prepared to get up close and personal with a few of our smaller Zoo residents.

Programs are 90 minutes long and take place on Zoo grounds, so bring your strollers if necessary and dress for the weather!

For more information or to register for a Preschool Safari program, click here: Preschool Safari.

Professor Wylde's Animal Show Conservation Education

Cleveland Public Power and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport are proud sponsors of Professor Wylde's Animal Show.

Professor Wylde's Animal Show at the Zoo's Savanna Theater engages Zoo visitors with a character-based theme that is both educational and entertaining.

This summer, the professor is Wylde about Africa. The cast continues to celebrate the Zoo's new African Elephant Crossing exhibit. Professor Wylde's assistant has traveled to Africa and invited the professor to come and visit. Along the way the professor sees and learns about African wildlife and the delicate balance that exists between people and animals in Africa.

Professor Wylde's Traveling Event Show Conservation Education

Based on Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's popular Wild Animal Show, this traveling version will use humor, theatrical techniques, and trained animals to educate and entertain. Our indoor show is perfect for a group that would like to learn more about the Zoo’s animals, their care, training and status in the wild. We hope to create an amazing wildlife connection for your group, reinforcing that everyone can make a difference when it comes to wildlife and wild places.

Professor Wylde’s show has been performed at schools in the area for several years. New this year, the program is being offered to community groups, special events, company parties, holiday events or team building retreats. It is designed for an auditorium or large multi-purpose space with a ceiling height of at least eight feet to accommodate a portable set. We can educate and entertain all of the people that will safely fit into your venue. The animal portion of the program is forty-five minutes but we will stay for one hour to allow time for questions. Our time with your group will last between three to four hours. This program will not travel more than 90 miles from the Zoo one way.

To learn more about Professor Wylde's Event show click here.

Professor Wylde's Traveling Show Conservation Education

Professor Wylde and a wild cast of characters hit the road to perform at your school. Using humor, theatrical techniques and trained animals, the show is engaging and covers state-mandated science standards. Children in grades K-3 find out about animal adaptations, grades 4-8 learn about animal training and behavior, and high school students are exposed to zoo careers.

For more information or to register for a traveling show at your location, click here: Professor Wylde's Traveling Show.

Rising Waters Conservation Education

An African-themed overnight adventure! Campers spend the night in the Zoo's African Savanna for an authentic safari experience.

For more information or to register for the Rising Waters overnight, click here: Rising Waters.

Summer Day Camp Conservation Education

The Summer Day Camp program creates compelling experiences that connect children with wildlife and inspire personal responsibility for conserving the natural world. Children are grouped according to age to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment.

Children ages 5-14 can spend their summer days at the Zoo participating in fun and educational activities with experienced camp counselors.

For ages 5-12, we offer three camps on alternating weeks, so kids can spend more than one session at Summer Day Camp! All three camps will explore the entire Zoo, but each week will focus on a different theme. Each week will provide a unique experience for your camper! All sessions include tours of Zoo exhibits, Get-Close encounters with small animals, arts and crafts, and conservation-themed games, but these activities will change each week with each new camp theme.

Our ""Counselor-In-Training"" leadership camp for ages 13-14 allows participants to develop their leadership skills by working alongside our day camp staff, partnering with our teen Zoo Crew volunteers, and participating in team building and challenge activities!

For more information or to register for Summer Day Camp, click here: Summer Day Camp.

Vet Bags Conservation Education

This self-guided exploration uses hands-on tools to guide your students through a critical thinking process, the same type of process Zoo animal care and veterinary staff use to provide the best possible care for each of our animals. Students make observations, work with and manipulate data, change their ideas as new knowledge is gained, and draw their own conclusions in an effort to solve a scientific puzzle - a polar bear with a medical problem.

For more information or to register for the Vet Bag program, click here: Vet Bag Program.

Winter Break Camp Conservation Education

Starting winter 2012, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo will be holding a three day Winter Break Camp for children ages 5-12. All programs will take place in the Jungle Lab classroom located in The RainForest. Programs are fun, interactive, and educational!

The new Winter Break Camp will explore most of the Zoo. Each day will focus on a different theme providing a unique experience for your camper! All sessions include tours of Zoo exhibits, Get-Close encounters with small animals, arts and crafts, and conservation-themed games.

Zoo Bus Conservation Education

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is proud to be the only zoo in the country with their own buses, providing free transportation to and from Zoo field experiences. Teachers who register for the Zoo Bus will schedule for a grade-appropriate program at the same time. The Zoo Bus is in high demand!

Zoo Crew Conservation Education

Teens ages 13-17 develop career and job skills as they share their knowledge with Zoo guests or get their hands dirty working on field projects. Successful completion of the summer program leads to an invitation to join the year-round portion of this program.

For more information on Zoo Crew, click here: Zoo Crew.